All Ethereum earned by minting tokens remains on the smart contract. We call it “donations”, and it is intended for charity that will be carried out by DAO.

We are looking to support high-leverage charities, like fundamental research that has a potentially high positive impact on our world but is usually underfunded, because there are no individual beneficiaries that would be interested in financing it.

All charitable activities will be subject to token holders community negotiations. The Maintainer will give the community several options off-chain for distribution of the donations. Certainly, if off-chain vote results don’t match with current on-chain proposal, the community will always be able to block it and re-elect The Maintainer if needed.

So by buying tokens on primary market the purchaser will be effectively giving money to charity and will be able to participate in choosing charities to send money to. None of the money raised will be ever spent on business matters/costs/etc.

Even if ToON Token fails, it will make the world a better place, because 100% of your purchases will be donated to charity.